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Demand for education in business disciplines is rising rapidly in Malaysia and globally. Enrolment in the undergraduate programmess in the business and general management, human resources, finance, accounting and others is increasing in tandem with the expanding economies of countries worldwide. As the economies of these countries expand, more industries and businesses are being established, and therefore more managers and business leaders with better skills and training are required to man these organisations and institutions.

Higher level education programmes in the business disciplines are required especially at the doctoral level to meet the rising sophistication and complexities of the business environments and dynamics of the present world. Business consultants, academics, and even managers with doctoral qualifications are in great demand today because of their skills and training that would provides solutions to the problems and challenges faced by the business communities. Our DBA programme is not only designed to equips future managers and leaders with in-depth skill and knowledge but also promote leadership skills in business administration and related areas.

Learning Outcomes:
  • To equip graduates with advanced skill and competencies to overcome challenges and manage changes in their working environment.
  • To improve the ability to develop skills in understanding, evaluating and creating new knowledge within their profession and therefore encouraging contribution to the development of professional practice in Business Administration
  • To enhance graduate ability to practice effective leadership once needed to understand complicated issues, manage problems and address opportunities in complex environment.

Entry Requirements:

  • Master in relevant field; OR
  • Other fields recognized by the AeU Senate OR
  • Other qualifications recognized by the AeU Senate

Programme Structure:

Programme Duration 4 years: 2 years of coursework and 2 years of dissertation (Part-Time)
Total Credit Hour 62 Credits
Programme Fee Fee Available Upon Request
Subject Category No. of Subjects Credit Hours
Core Subjects 10 30
Dissertation 1 32
Total 11 62

Subject List - Core:
1. Organisational Leadership (MOL654)
2. Advanced Economic Analysis (MAE655)
3. Advanced Finance and Accounting (MAF656)
4. Strategic Marketing (MSM657)
5. Advanced Statistics (MAS658)
6. International Business (MIB659)
7. Business Strategy and Policy (MBP660)
8. New Business Venture (MNV661)
9. Research Methodology 1 (MRM662)
10. Research Methodology 2 (MRM663)

Dissertation: 32 Credits Hours

Programme Fee:

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