A Welcome from the Group Managing Director of
Lagos Management College
Chief (Mrs.) O.A. Feyi-Sobanjo
LLM (Strathclyde) MBA (Sommerset), FCIPM (UK) FPMA (UK), FMTLSN, FTLSN, MIAITL (Denmark), M.ITechLAW (USA), WACWC (WA), FWAFIAMC (WA), AIAMA (Australia)

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Lagos Management College (LMC). LMC is an innovative, dynamic and learner centered higher Professional Management College, established with the mission of balancing inequalities between age, gender, location, and social groups in terms of higher educational access, through provision of internationally recognized profe$sional and intellectually stimulating degree programmes by distance learning, with optional week-end tutorial support, where practicable.

LMC is committed to provide high-quality educational services for all of its students: for undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, and professional education for those coming directly from high school, for those who transfer from community and other colleges, for those pursuing specific career preparations in the professional exams, and for those non-traditional students seeking access to higher levels of learning.

That we were able to secure the confidence of a number of reputable Professional and Academic Institutions from the UK, France, Asia, and around the world, is a very tangible evidence of our integrity.

Thus, all available programmes at, or through our college, encourage new learning and offer you the opportunity to engage in reflective practice. By thinking analytically and critically your understanding of the world, your place within it and your daily working activities will be greatly enhanced.

So taking time to study with Lagos Management College is a highly rewarding activity. However, it is also hard work. Our distance learning students accept the challenge enthusiastically and invest a great deal of time and effort into our studies.

The rewards are great. In addition to acquiring new ideas, new knowledge and new ways of thinking, our student network is robust and global. Most importantly, many of your peers will become part of a large and growing alumni of graduates of the LMC and our partner Institutions.

We hope you accept the opportunity and the challenge of studying with the Lagos Management College. We are confident that you will find your time here productive and enjoyable and wish you success in your studies and your future careers.

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