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Tackling Your Studies:
Voyage of Discovery

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Study has been likened to a voyage of discovery and that is precisely what you will find once you begin. You will learn of principles and ideas that will challenge and inspire you - and you have the unique opportunity of doing so at your own pace in your own time.

Distance education allows students from anywhere in the world to study when and where they want to, always ensuring that they work at their own pace.
While distance education has a long and established tradition, there are new methods being created all the time. By staying at the
forefront of these latest tuition methods, LMC provides students with material that is easy to follow, while combining the latest technology and tuition methods with our personal service and support.
Therefore, in choosing to study through LAGOS Management College (LMC), you can be completely certain, from the start, that you're using the finest teaching material available in your field. This booklet will guide you on how to use this information and the best method to employ when studying- Please read them carefully.

Most often, Students who fail examination, fail not because of inability, but due to one or a combination of the following three reasons:

.::. Ineffective study methods
.::. Defective examination technique
.::. Laziness, lack of motivation, lack of effort

INDEED, INADEQUATE TIME SPENT ON STUDIES IS THE BIGGEST SINGLE REASON FOR EXAMINATION FAILURE. Therefore, students must make personal decisions about the amount of time they will devote to their studies.
Of course, this is largely a question of self-discipline. - So, it is essential that you discipline yourself to study regularly and consistently.
The only effective way to achieve self-discipline is to develop habits that assist your studying. Your task is therefore to make the best and most efficient use of your limited time, rather than finding more of it to use. What really count is not the time, but what you do with it!.

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